What do you need to become a provider on Blink?
It is simply enough to have a verified email address and necessary skills you want to offer to clients.   
How can a provider attract client’s attention towards his profile page?
According to statistics, clients are mostly attracted to the presence of a profile picture, detailed information about yourself, as well as illustrative examples of your work presented in the portfolio.
Why does a provider need to receive client’s reviews after every task?
Client’s reviews form provider’s rating on the website. The higher the rating the more attractive your profile becomes for new potential clients. Thus, make sure you ask the client to rate you after every task.
Can I contact the client first?
As soon as a provider receives notifications regarding new posts related to his/her categories, he/she may accept the task and ask a question or add a comment to the proposals from clients. However, the right to initiate the chat with the provider is available only to the client.
Why is it important for the provider that the client clicks on the "Select as provider" button?
Our website keeps track of the number of tasks completed each provider. When a client clicks "Select as provider" button, the number of tasks performed by the provider increases and his/her profile becomes more attractive to new potential clients.
How can providers find out about new orders in their category/categories?
Blink.az notifies every provider regarding new tasks in their selected categories, whether it’s a post or addressed individually using direct notifications on the website and email
Will a provider receive a notification about a new message in the chat room from the client?
Providers receive an email notification only if there are new orders from clients or changes in status of any existing order. Providers get notified regarding new messages in the chat room only on the website.
Does the website charge commission for every completed task?
Blink.az is a platform that helps clients and providers find each other and come to an agreement. Our website does not charge any commission from any completed task.
How can I find a provider on Blink.az?
In order to find a suitable provider for yourself, you can review the profiles of providers in categories you require and offer them tasks directly. Alternatively, you can leave a post, describing the work that needs to be done, after which you get offers from providers, including their price for completing the task, who are ready to accept your offer. After reviewing profiles of candidates and communicating with them using our chat room, you choose the provider that suits you the most.
What criteria can a client rely on when choosing a provider?
All providers on the website have verified email addresses. The client can evaluate the quality of work of each provider according to his/her profile: portfolio, information about themselves, as well as rating and the number of tasks completed by that provider on the website. Blink.az gives you the opportunity to chat with the providers using our chat room and choose the provider that best suits you.
Why isn’t the client’s post published instantly on the website?
Each post is being checked by the Blink administration for content language and correct composition of the post. Once the post is approved and published, the client will be notified via email.