How it works?

What is Blink's benefit for Providers

Blink provides you with constant offers and tasks to be completed.

  • Freedom of choice. Blink gives you freedom to choose projects that interest you

  • Category variaties. Blink provides its users with wide selection of categories

  • Review. Blink's review system allows you to become a more demanding provider with each successfully completed task.

  • Increased earnings. The website provides an opportunity to get more orders and increase your permanent and additional earnings.

How to become a provider?

  • Create a profile. Fill in the application form in the most detailed manner. This will boost customer confidence and increase your chance to be chosen as provider.

  • Select a category. Select one or more categories in which you specialize.

  • Respond to posts. Respond to the requested posts from the clients and start the task once you are chosen as provider.

Simple payment

Blink doesn't charge any interest from completed tasks neither from clients nor providers. Thus, the payment for the services performed and the term of thos payments are determined directly between the client and the provider.

How to choose and purchase a category?
When choosing a category, providers must conduct a monthly payment. Each category has its own independent price (category prices). The cost of payment varies depending on the type and amount of categories chosen. Payments can be made using credit cards Master and Visa. Currrently all categories are free of charge.